Steven Quiry

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A Singer/Songwriter and Music Producer Steven has been making music for over 30 years. His song writing traverses multiple genres but could be described as adult/alternative.

Steven brings a rhythmic grit to the Adult alternative rock genre with his dynamic and expansive repertoire of original songs. From introspective ballads to grinding calls to action, that flow over melodic chord progressions and syncopated rhythms. Steven has inspired many audiences with his powerful performances both solo and at times with a backing band, highlighting his vocal dexterity and songwriting mastery. Steven has a deep catalog of works that harness the universal frailties and fears, as well the strengths and inspirations of the human experience. Steven’s music is constantly evolving, energetic in its assemblage and gripping in its impact. Below is a player featuring some choice Demo recordings for you to enjoy. New music is coming!

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